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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Welcome to Blind Confidential

Hello to My Fellow Blind and Low Vision People and Our Friends,

This is the first post in what will hopefully become an active blog that will focus on issues related to blineness, low vision, assistive technology, laws and regulations, accessibility, traveling alone, independent living, Braille, the people who influence the lives of we blinks and most anything else of interest to our community. Of course, I will be stating my opinion of all of the aforementioned and other topics as they come up.

Rumors abound around the AT industry and Blind Confidential will do its best to confirm, deny or comment on them. Our team of experts and spies attend many conferences, work on all kinds of projects and work in or have friends who work in the assistive technology industry. Blind Confidential will post anonymous stories that one might want to publish without revealing themselves and, therefore, jeopardizing their professional standing. So, feel free to be as juicy as you like and BC will ensure your concerns are stated publicly.

Blind Confidential will also try to remain current with new product releases by and for blind and low vision people. BC will evaluate the products when it can and the easiest way to get a good review is by making a free product available to our crew.

So, please start sharing your stories and I will include my own as often as I can.


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